Q: What can I pack to the Nigerian Law School, Agbani, Enugu ?

A: Enugu campus is located in a village, Agbani Town. The soil is red so take that into consideration when packing. You don’t need to bring your best clothes here as most times you will be stuck in school. The campus is in a village so there is really no one you are trying to impress. Bring as much casuals as possible because you will be going for group meetings and buying food. Also bring clothes for church . We also have a gym so you can bring gym clothes.

Iron and Kettles are not allowed. In my opinion you don’t need more than 2 bags for ladies. You also don’t need more than one blazer. It’s all about preference but take into consideration the number of weeks in the term and the mode of transportation you are bringing.

Bring your drugs with you when coming, also bring your provisions, however we have ojukwu Market your one stop shop for ALL you need!

You should also bring/buy a rechargeable fan if you can afford it and rechargeable lamps. Enugu light is limited

Come along with your buckets, mosquito nets, toiletries.

Q: What exactly can I wear ?

A: For the Ladies, we will be dividing the dressing into terms

1st Term
Black dresses are only allowed for pregnant women. Keep them at home!
Leave your white Chiffon Shirts at Home
White shirts Cotton! Button up.
Skirts should be below the Knee or on the Knee and no slits please. If Enugu campus had their way, they don’t want to see your legs at all.

Black shoes! For Girls no Laces or rope on them ! They will call it sneakers 😂
Suits are allowed
No Trousers of any sort.
If you want to tie your hair to class buy the black skullcaps because on some days they will allow turbans and other days they won’t allow. Also, you must start the term by tying your hair. You cannot come in the middle of the term and remember your religion say
s tie your hair! They will not allow it.

Subsequent Terms
Black dresses are still not allowed except you are pregnant
You can bring your chiffon shirts
You can bring your lace shoes

Fridays are for trad! Please it has to be full traditional wear! Don’t wear Ankara shirt and English skirt! They will send you back. Don’t bring sleeveless Ankara. They will send you back, no show me your back. Just make it decent.(Tip: Don’t tie your hair on Friday, it’s an easy way for them to spot you and pass you the mic)
You can bring different clothes to wear outside the classroom. No restrictions. However, don’t pack too much. 1st term is only 7 weeks. second term is 12 weeks. Pack with excess luggage in mind if traveling by air

For the guys, especially those who like to slay, there is hardly any opportunity for that, so just go with at least 10 white shirts or less it depends on how many you can afford and a complete suit. For the suit, we would advise you have two sets of suits because the dust in enugu is not funny so that your suit does not change color before the end
of 2nd term. Also, three black trousers should do.

Black tie, black socks (no colored socks), no suede shoes.

Q: How is the Hostel/ Accommodation?

A: Adam and Eve Hostel
This is the hostel you paid for with your school fees. As the name goes Adam and Eve so it is boys and girls hostel in one building . They just take different sides of the building. The number of people in the room differs according to size but the standard number of persons in the room are 6. two rooms share one toilet. You are allowed to design your room, put in rugs, and make it habitable for you to live in.

G- Executive

This is a premium hostel. It is 50,000 naira (as at 2016) per person which you pay via remita. It varies from two in a room and two rooms sharing one toilet, three in a room with toilet inclusive to one in a room and one room to one toilet. It depends on your preference and the size of the room you want. It also allows one person to a room which is 100,000 naira ( as at 2016). This hostel shares a potter with Adam and Eve so they are usually free.

Blue Roof

As the name implies the roof is blue, the walls are blue. This is also 50,000 naira with one room to one toilet. This hostel hardly has water issues unlike the others. However this hostel is far!!!!! It is a good walking distance from the market, the restaurants, the medical center, theclassroom, the group meetings area. It is just far. The only advantage is it is executive and they don’t have water issues. The hostel is fairly strict.

Snake Island

This hostel is an annex for the guys. It is near blue roof. From my understanding they suffer from water issues. It’s either water doesn’t run or water runs into their room. You don’t pay for this hostel,it is free. However, it is strictly a boys hostel. It is near blue roof so it is far from everything.


Classic Hostels

These hostels sell out fast. They are for the elites. There are only 3 – 4 classic hostels. It is a bungalow house and takes three people with its own toilet and bathroom. The toilet and bathroom is really big. It is secluded, quiet and peaceful. However, sometimes they see chimpanzees in their backyard. It is 60,000 naira per person. It is near blue roof and also has a blue roof. It is quite comfortable, so it’s first come, first serve.

Jurisprudence Hostel

This hostel is outside school. Hence, you are not connected to the school’s light or anything. You are free to do whatever you like. However, if you do not have a car this is not advisable because you will WALK!! And all the good restaurants are inside school so it is quite stressful. There are many more hostels outside these ones.


These are the popular ones that can be remembered. Some are outside school so we didn’t experience them or get to see them. However don’t be dismayed if you have to sleep in Adam and Eve your first night. Just manage until you can move to the hostel of your choice.

What is more important are your roommates. Prayhard about your roommates, they can make your stay one to remember; in a positive manner or a negative manner.


Q: What do I need to know about registration on campus ?

A: Well if you’re lucky to se your posting on time, please do well to resume early so that your registration will be done with ease.
a. Have at least 8 passports ready. It is safer to be dressed in your regulation wear. Also, use a red background

b. Bring along original and photocopies of the following documents
– university certificate
– WASSCE Certificate
– Admission Letter where it was written full admission.
– Posting Letter
– Receipt from the Law School Portal
– Bank teller
– original birth certificate or an affidavit if you don’t have one and your school ID card
c. Start early in the morning. The earlier you start the better your chances of finishing that day .

d. Wear comfortable shoes. There would be a lot of walking and running so be as comfortable as possible.

e. Bring along a file and a pen. A lot of new documents would be handed to you. Try your best to keep all. Do not misplace any.

f. Decide whether you are going to stay in the regular hall or you are going to pay for classic hostel. If you decide for the latter make sure you have your money in your account already. ( usually less than 100,000) it changes with each set but it’s better to have the money in your account before coming.

Note: A substantial part of the registration will be done in the old auditorium, then you would have to go to the medical center to submit your  your xray results and the medical test you conducted in your various clinics. However if you did not complete the test back home, you would have to pay to complete the test at the medical center. After all this, you would be given a medical slip which you would take back to the old auditorium to complete your registration. After that you will go to the ICT Department to do your data capture which will be more useful for your law school ID card later. Then you will go to the student affairs who will allocate various rooms in different hostels to you.

Q: Where / what can I eat on the campus ?

A: This is in no particular order( different strokes for different folks)

This couple has saved the lives of so many. I don’t know where to start, is it from the nice pastries; doughnuts, meat pies and fish pies that have saved our stomachs during break time, is it the wonderfully cooked Indomie with diced tomatoes, green pepper, carrots and egg ( based on your preference ) Is it mummy goodness porridge beans and plantain that many travel far and wide to get a taste of? Let’s not forget Daddy Goodness who does not fail to treat our appetite to grilled Chicken, Gizzard, Fish, Chips, Salad and Shawarma. The list is endless. They are always in demand so make sure you go early enough. The only issue is they don’t open on sundays 😧😩.

Calabar kitchen is the home of calabar cuisine. Her Fried Rice and Jollof Rice is to die for. Her okro soup is also envied, let us not forget her oha and White soup. One thing I can vouch for is she makes wonderful traditional meals and has one of the best fried rice recipes on campus.

This is probably the first restaurant you will come in contact with. I ate NKWOBI here for the first time, extremely nice. Let’s not forget her OGBONO soup, the best on campus. Her Abacha is also sought after. Her EeKo has people running after her. She also makes traditional meals such as efo, oha, okro soup. For our Hausa Brothers she also makes Tuwo.
One striking meal about Anamb
ra Kitchen is the fried Sweet Potatoes, Yam, Plantain and hot sauce that is sold in the evening , When your running low on allowance and you want a meal that is filling or your craving pepper this is your stop.

This is the best restaurant in facilities . You have access to Telemundo, Zee World, Trace and even Football Channels. Evans is popular for her fried yam and egg sauce. She takes orders for birthdays and bakes cakes. She also sells pastries such as doughnuts, sausages and cakes. This is one restaurant you have access to bottled water, drinks and yoghurt. When you want to unwind and eat in a good environment Evans is your stop shop.

This is the closest restaurant to the classroom hence it is a war zone during break time. Some call it Federal Restaurant. This restaurant is popular for its chicken sauce and white rice. It also has nice salad and moi moi to compliment your food. The pasta here will make your mouth water. the conditions of cooking here seems to be one of the best available with hard working staffs.

Whatever you do, do not leave Enugu campus without Trying out LIZZY’S white rice and Banga Soup. This meal has stolen the hearts of so many. Her fried rice is also amazing. The restaurant is deep inside the market so it is easy to miss it; however strive hard to give this restaurant a shot.


Q: How far the classes? What is the timing like?
A: For the classes, classes start by 9am, so you should be on sit before 9am because once the lecturers are in its possible you won’t be allowed in the class. The first half of the class is usually from 9am to 11am then a break from 11-11:30am, then afterwards lecture continues to 1:30 or 2:30 Max depending on the topic being discussed

Q: What are the groups and group meetings ? Must we attend the meetings?

A: For the groups, we have a group of 20members so if your registration number is 001-020 you are automatically in group one.. The default group leader is the first on the list I.e 001 and the assistant would be 002 unless the group decides who to head the group. It is important you attend o.

Q: Where can I worship my God on the campus ?

A: In Law school, surprisingly everyone is closer to God. I guess no one wants to fail. So where do I start, there are so many place to worship. We have the winners campus fellowship, the catholics, the redeem Christian fellowship, the Anglican Christian church of God, the Deeper Life campus fellowship, Christ embassy, Assemblies of God, the Fathers church and lastly the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON). I know you must be surprised how many fellowships we have, I was surprised too. CLASFON is the official law school fellowship. It is a non-denominational fellowship that accommodates everyone and also makes constant effort to improve you academically
On Sundays, most of the fellowships do not operate so you might have to go outside of the campus. We have RCCG just outside the campus and there is a bus to convey guys going to winners chapel on Sunday, not too far from the campus though.

Q: Please, is there even any place I can chill and unwind from all the stress?

In my little time at Enugu, i found the following places cool and interesting to blow off steam. They are:
1. Polo Mall: This is the home of Shoprite, Game, I’MAX, Cold Stone creamery, awesome food court amidst a lot of things. It’s a really coolspot
2. Crunchies: it’s a really nice restaurant at independence layout
3. Roots: Chinese restaurant and other continental dishes
4. Oakland park: beautiful amusement park with ferris wheel, roller coasters and the likes
5. Stadium : you can catch a Rangers game when you have the time
6. Ojukwu market inside the Law School itself… That’s the chille
st spot in the campus
7. Bar 3: at the Junction of Law School beside the secretariat… You can have a few drinks, drink pepper soup and listen to some music on Friday evenings

Q: Do you have any other advice you’ll like to share:

a. Avoid any form of fighting, there are people in law school ready to provoke and frustrate you

b. Always be in class when lecture is going on

c. Whenever your group is called out, please come outside no matter how unprepared you are

d. Please try as much as possible not to argue with your lecturers no matter how smart you think you are

e. Never insult or fight with the marshals or non-teaching staff, they are more powerful than you think and they always protect their own

Contributors: Oluwatosin Amusan (Female) and Shedrach Pius.(Male)
Candidates of the Nigerian Law School, Enugu 2016/2017 set

Contact: amusantosin@ymail.com and edafepius@gmail.com

Visit https://agbanidiaries.blogspot.com.ng/?m=1
For more information on Enugu campus



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  1. Food now here is 350 per plate, you can’t iron yourself,colored printout 250 per one, if you don’t register on time you will keep fighting for space, light not really stable,passport 8 copies is #800, Agbani is something else but cool I miss Lagos anyways

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    1. Wow thank you for the update on the information on Enugu campus. Apart from the things you mentioned, are there many changes? I am asking so that I’ll know if it’s time for a general update on the FAQS on the Campus


    1. Well to the question… The power supply is more stable outside than the school.. Since the school works solely on Generator, you can be sure of when to get light.. But if you stay outside, you could get a small Generator sef

      Time table for light on campus:
      Weekdays.. 9am -4pm..then 7pm -12am
      Saturdays.. 11am-4pm.. Then 7pm -12am

      Sundays 1pm -4pm..then 7pm -12am


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